Prayer For Drug Addicts

I will be writing prayers and posting each Sunday.

The goal is to have directed pray towards a specific person or group of people. Whether we know someone who is struggling, we don’t know someone who is struggling or we ourselves are that person struggling; let us keep each Sunday’s prayer in mind as we go throughout the week.

Though we may never see the fruits of our prayers (as per example, God setting drug addicts free across the world); nevertheless, we know that our Christian walk is by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7 ESV).

If this is our walk, then our prayer life must be the same.

God is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent. Since He is truly and perfectly all of these and more, we can believe that He will hear our prayer.

For it is in the afterlife when all the answers of our prayers will be revealed to us.

Let us therefore pray, believing that God will answer and perform the miraculous in our lives and the lives of others.

For I am convinced that God can do more with one prayer, than we can do in ten years. If you believe this, then please join with me in prayer, as we shake Hell together and unleash the mighty power of God.

Heavenly Father,

We come before You thankful for the life in which you have given us. Lord, it is You Who gives breath to our lungs and a beat to our heart. Lord, this life is full of struggles and pains, but we know You are there. Lord, You care more than we ever could. You see each individual made in Your image. O Lord, may all come to know You. May all go from being made in Your image, to becoming children of God. Lord, we long for all to know You.

Lord Jesus, I pray right now for those who the enemy has entrapped and enslaved through the addiction of drugs. Lord, the name of Jesus is powerful. Your Word is sharper than any two-edged sword. Father God, I pray right now that You would begin a work that would ripple throughout all time. Touch the hearts of those who are in need of help. Lord, bring comfort to those who are struggling and want to be set free. Lord, move upon them in a mighty way. I pray that Your Spirit would rush through them and that You would break the chains of the enemy. O God, rise up and reveal to us Your power! Lord, bring those captivated by darkness into the Light. Transform their hearts, O God. Make them new. Reveal to them what Your purpose and plan is for them.

O Lord, Your plan is a good one. We mourn and weep for the lost souls who have been pulverized by the enemy. Lord, I pray that You would send Holy Ghost fire to burn away the addiction. Lord, break the bonds of the enemy right now. I pray, Lord, that You would send the right men and women to help those who are fighting this battle. O Jesus, give the addicts the courage to admit that they are in need of help. Lord, we know their difficulty; for all of us have been addicted to sin; yet, You set the captives free! O God, help these men and women who are struggling to find You in the midst of the storm. Lord, whether we know someone in this battle, or we may be praying for those across the world; do what only You can do, O God! Reveal Yourself to them! Give them hope, Father.

Let the drug addicts be free in Jesus’ name! Give them the willpower to fight the good fight, O God. Give them the inner desire to seek You as their shelter and protection. Lord, You love them just as much as You love us. You are not a respecter of persons, and You love all of us the same. O God, blot out the “fix” within each person struggling. Take away their desire to do this. Give them the strength to fight these next few days as they come clean. You are the God that heals and renews. Bring them back to where they once were. Bring them back to where they should be. Lord, we are all in need of You; and it is the humble in whom You raise up. So Lord, give those who are stuck in this addiction the humility to surrender all to You. Give them the faith to trust in You. O God, give them Your Spirit to uplift them and conquer their addiction on this very day.

We pray this in the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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