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“If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.” Galatians 5:25 ESV

The majority of churches now days are focused on the external rather than the internal.

Rarely do we hear messages preached about the Holy Spirit. The reason being is because the majority of churches now days are focused on the external rather than the internal. Many choose to focus on what others can see from the outside; when in reality, the most important part of a Christian is what lies inside.

If we do the right thing for the wrong motive, what profit does that make in the eyes of a pure, Holy God? Surely anything done to be seen in the flesh or receive applause will be the fuel that lights the eternal blazing fire that burns all dead works. Sadly, much of what we do will burn on that altar because we are not able to shake that dangerous, damnable thing called “self”.

The gap between knowing Christ is sin; the gap between experiencing Christ is self.

Know this: The gap between knowing Christ is sin; the gap between experiencing Christ is self. Once we are truly born-again, we know that our sins are covered by the blood of Christ. We also know that if we sin, we will not be able to do so without conviction; which, for the genuine convert, leads to repentance and a heart that longs to obey Almighty God.

Now, the reason self is the gap towards experiencing Christ is because that is the final thing that must be conquered within a Christian. Though sin will always be there, we can trust that Christ’s blood covers the sins of those who are truly born-again. Self, however, is able to manifest and linger within Christians up to such a point that it squanders any productivity and efficiency done by the Holy Spirit in our lives. O yes, we may have the Holy Spirit living in us; but if that which is done right is out of selfish ambition and selfish gain, we can saturate any spiritual weight of eternal reward.

For example: Let us say an earthly father gives his son $10,000. The son decides to go to the homeless shelter and gives $5,000 to them. The homeless shelter is thrilled and says, “This is beyond what we could imagine. Thank you so much for your extremely generous donation!” Now, let us stop here and focus in. As the boy says, “You are welcome, my pleasure!”, he begins taking all the credit for what just happened. There is not a word that says, “My father is the one who gave me the money, but I wanted to use it to help someone else who needs it more.” How often is this the case within the church today? “This is what I did”, “This is what I’ve done”, and there is not a word about Jesus. There is nothing that attributes the good that has been done to the Father. That is what we call “self”.

When you dedicate your day to the Holy Spirit, you can do more in three hours than in the whole day.

There are many today who do the right thing for the wrong reason. Sadly, this does not allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. The Holy Spirit is a tender presence, and is not overpowering to the point where He will force His manifestation and presence upon and within a person. He is sensitive, and if we choose to neglect His presence within us, we will squander any spiritual power within. Instead, we will rely on self, mechanisms, strategies, networking and all the rest that is in the flesh to try and pave our own way.

I know this for certain: Every time I pray in the Holy Spirit and dedicate my day to Him, that is when I am able to do more in three hours than I could in a whole day! When I seek His wisdom, His power and His presence, He comes forth in a mighty way and acts on my behalf.

In order to be Spirit-led, one must be Spirit-fed.

In order to be Spirit-led, one must be Spirit-fed. This starts with staying in the Word of God, and is continued through genuine prayer. Not just the simple, “Thank you for this food, Amen” prayer; but the genuine prayer that says, “O God, I want to know Your heart. Do that which cannot be done in my own strength for Your glory. If I am to be mocked, then I be mocked. If I am to be raised up, then I be raised up; but only for Your glory, Father.” When you get to the point where you cast your petty plans to God, that is when He will be able to move in a mighty way. ““For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8 NIV).

When we ask God to kill the internal devil of “self”, that is when we will see the Holy Spirit do more than we can fathom. It all starts, however, with humility. Then, it proceeds towards possessing a genuine, unbiased mindset to seek God’s will, solely. From there, it is then praying that the Holy Spirit would do what He has been sent to do. When you begin to pray in such a manner, you will be amazed at what will happen in a year. It won’t be immediate; but when this habit develops, you will see a change of character within. You will no longer be ruled by self, but ruled by the Holy Spirit.

When you have less of yourself, you have much more of God.

When you have less of yourself, you have much more of God. When you empty yourself of “self”, that is when you can be filled with the Holy Spirit. For some, this is simply the next stage. You have had the Holy Spirit for years; now, it’s time to be sensitive to His presence within.

Seek Him, and He will surely lead you.

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