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Minister Jackie Howerin


Intercessor, Ministry Partner, Jesus Follower


My Story

In 2000, Jacki answered a call into ministry. Her calling is to train up God’s Army of Intercessors by teaching people how to go deeper into the Father’s heart through prayer. She is a certified lay counselor and mentor. Her mission is to teach people how to define themselves in Jesus Christ so that He becomes their identity, destiny, and legacy. Jacki compassionately brings Jesus to the forefront of hearts so that people beautifully experience Jesus in their lives – especially during the tough times and trials.

Through her leadership in teaching Prayer Intensive Classes, Bible studies, Lay Counseling, Mentorship, and Prayer, Jacki equips families to let Jesus become “the Standard” and “the Source” of their lives.


Jacki has authored two prayer manuals, which are the first two books of the Warrior Daughter Series. “Warrior Daughter You are Called to Pray without Ceasing” and “Called to Pray the Heart of God” have transformed many prayer lives. The third book in the series, “Praying as More than a Conqueror in Christ” is currently underway. She teaches churches how to establish on-site prayer rooms while training church members how to pray effectually over others. Her mission is to teach families, and churches, how to pray together so they victoriously experience the heart of God in prayer. She serves on intercessory prayer teams and is a dynamic speaker at women’s conferences and events.

Warrior Daughter by Jackie Howerin
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