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Tour of Truth Global Missions

GO, INTO ALL THE WORLD...         Mark 16:15

TOUR OF TRUTH serves as a DISCIPLESHIP HUB. We do not seek financial support for this particular ministry as we believe the gospel is a FREE gift and we want to steward the Word of God from a place of absolute transparency and purity. However, we do realize that giving is a part of worship. With this in mind,  this page has been created to highlight and share ministry-related missions of those among us (meaning those in, or connected to our online Bible Study fellowship) that have been or are being "sent out" to minister on behalf of Jesus. On this page, you will find either mission assignments of those within our fellowship or ministries that our leadership has vetted and can attest to the genuine work of the Lord that is being done through them. Most importantly, we want to encourage you to support these missions in prayer.  If the Holy Spirit leads you to provide financial support for these ministry opportunities we believe this is good ground to sow your seed.

Kenya Chicken Project

Just $20 provides a chicken and feed for a family in Kenya which gives them a food source that multiplies. Please take a moment to view the 2-minute video below as Pastor Patrick explains how the chickens make a life-changing impact in their villages. This project is managed by our ministry partner Transforming Spirit Ministries. 

Ministries to Consider Supporting in Israel

Hope Nazareth House of Prayer a place where Arabs and Jews come together in Nazareth to pray and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and our Messiah Yeshua/Jesus

Ima’s Goodies ministers to IDF soldiers and border police in Israel.

Abundant Hope International ministers directly to Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Rania House of Prayer

Our team in Nazareth with Rania Sayegh the Director of HOPE - House of Prayer & Exploits

Imas Goodies

Our team at Mount Carmel with Renee Shmuel the Founder of Ima's Goodies 

Liberia Clinic Medicines

It takes approximately $500 a month (USD) for the clinic in Liberia to have a proper supply of medicines and treatments for the community around them. After opening just a few months ago, they were completely out of supplies and there is a continued need for ongoing support. This project is managed by our ministry partner Transforming Spirit Ministries. Your support in any amount is a blessing.

Reach the Children of Rwanda International

We are directly associated with this Christian school in Rwanda and can attest that this ministry is faithful to what the Lord has called them to do and stewards it well. Sponsorship will absolutely change a child’s life, break the cycle of poverty, and give them the most important gift of all: hope. You can sponsor a child for $30 a month.

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